Jidvei Eiswein Traminer Roz 2018

Jidvei Eiswein Traminer Roz 2018


Romania / white / Ice Wine / sweet

Ice wine is considered to be the pinnacle of sweet wine. It is often called "a miracle" by wine growers because its rarity and the almost impossible conditions that need to be met in order to make it. Less than 20% of the grape juice can be squeezed from frozen grapes, and 6 to 8 kilograms of grapes are needed to make a 375ml bottle of ice wine. The water content in the fruit is reduced and the juice is condensed to increase the sugar content, resulting in a wine full of natural sweetness. 

Jidvei, home of Romanian Eiswein

No wine has stricter making rules that Ice Wine. The grapes must be frozen continuously for at least 3 consecutive days at temperatures that should be not higher that -9 degrees Celsius and not lower than -15. When nature is blessing the vineyard with perfect conditions, the next challenge is to find 400 people willing to wake up at 3 am to pick the grapes at freezing temperatures so that at 8 am, before the temperature rises, they are already pressed. Here is a heartwarming movie of villagers who, regardless of their age and occupation, participate to this really unique experience. Enjoy!

2018 was a great year for Jidvey Winery in Transylvania. It is said to be the best vintage in 30 years. Blessed with a proper weather, the grapes were harvested in near-perfect conditions. And, above all else, 2018's gift was a harvest of grapes fit for ice wine, for the first time in 7 years. 

It has a golden color, perfect transparency and a beautiful brilliance. 

Elegant, with nuances of ripe yellow peach, quince and acacia honey.

The balance of fruit and acid is very good, making it very enjoyable on the palate. Explosive flavors of melon, mango, ripe apricots and aged honey go hand in hand with it's full body and texture. 

Food pairing
Goes great with all kinds of cheese, foie gras, seafood, thai food, fruit-based desserts.

Very fit for long term ageing.

Drinking temperature
8~10 ℃

General information

  • Type: white / sweet / ice wine.
  • Alcohol: 11.5 %.
  • Residual sugar: 184.00 g/l.
  • Acidity: 5.92 g/l.
  • Quantity: 375 ml.

Vineyard and grapes

  • Ingredients: grapes 100%.
  • Grape variety: Traminer Roz 100%.
  • Origin: Romania.
  • Region: Transylvania.
  • Podgorie: Tarnave.​
  • Centru viticol: Jidvei.
  • Village: Tauni.
  • Vineyard: Tauni - single vineyard.
  • Vineyard ownership: own vineyard.
  • Vine grower: Nelu Marginean.


  • Producer: Jidvei.
  • Production place: Jidvei.
  • Bottling place: Jidvei.
  • Winemaker: Ioan Buia.
  • Bottling date: written on the label.


  • Importer: Daniel's Wine Shop. 
  • International transport: by sea. 
  • Import route: Jidvei ⇨ Daniel's Wine Shop. Intermediaries: 0.


  • Place: Daniel's Wine Shop. 
  • Storage temperature: 16° - 18°C, constant all year long.