Balla Geza Kolna Feteasca Neagra 2018

Balla Geza Kolna Feteasca Neagra 2018


Romanian / Red

An exquisite red from the Minis region of Western Romania. 

Beautiful garnet colour with purplish hues on the edges. 

This wine has very rich aromas of black fruits and spices and it captures very well the individuality of the Feteasca Neagra variety. It has nuances of blueberries, prunes, cocoa, licorice and black pepper.

Very fruity, with a voluminous mouthfeel. The acidity is relatively high, so the body weight does not stand out too much. Black fruits and barrel ageing flavours balance each-other in a very harmonious way. 

Food pairing
Any kinds of steaks. Perfect for red fish sushi or sashimi. I would definitely take this one with me to a yakiniku restaurant that accepts "mochikomi".

Drinking temperature
16 to 18℃.

General information
Type: red
Sweetness: medium-dry
Alcohol: 13.87%
Sugars: 5.20 g/l
Acidity: 5.57 g/l
Bottle: 750 ml


Vineyard and grapes
Raw materials: grapes 100%.
Variety: Feteasca Neagra 100%.
Country: Romania.
Region: Crisana.
County: Arad.
Wine Region: Minis.
Village: Paulis.
Vineyard name: Dealu Soarelui.
Vineyard owner: Balla Geza.
Grape grower: Stroia Victor.

Winemaker: Balla Geza.
Place of winemaking: Balla Geza.
Place of bottling: Balla Geza. 
Ageing: Romanian oak.
Bottling date: written on the package.

Importer: Daniel's Wine Store
Way of import: by sea in temperature controlled container. 
Import route: maker ⇨ importer. 
Storage: Daniel's Wine Store / Yokohama; temperature controlled warehouse.