Balla Geza Kolna Blaufrankisch 2018

Balla Geza Kolna Blaufrankisch 2018


Romania / red / dry

A bright ruby color with hints of purple at the rim. 

I find this wine to be extraordinarily elegant and rich on the nose. The most obvious aromas are blueberries, raspberries and violets, which come from this grape variety. Then I perceive very subtle aromas of exotic spices, vanilla and cocoa, due to aging in oak barrels.

The attack delights me with its intense fruitiness and freshness. The spices in the nose are also present on the palate and they balance perfectly with a strong acidity and soft tannins. The taste is pleasant but quite complex. The structure of the wine is robust and the finish is long and elegant. In my opinion, it is one of the best reds of Transylvania. 

Food pairing
This wine makes me think of Romanian style rolled cabbage (sarmale), varza a la Cluj, a good Hungarian paprikas or pork sausages.

Drinking temperature
16 - 18℃

General information

  • Type: red / dry.
  • Alcohol: 12.32 %.
  • Residual sugar: 3.36 g/l.
  • Acidity: 5.77 g/l.
  • Quantity: 750 ml.


  • Classification: DOC-CMD Miniș.

Vineyard and grapes

  • Ingredients: grapes 100%.
  • Grape variety: Blaufrankisch 100%.
  • Origin: România.
  • Region: Crişana şi Maramureş
  • Podgorie: Miniș-Măderat.​
  • Centru viticol: Miniș.
  • Village: Ghioroc.
  • Vineyard: Dealul Ghiorocului - single vineyard.
  • Vineyard ownership: own vineyard.
  • Vine grower: Stroia Victor.


  • Producer: Balla Geza.
  • Production place: Balla Geza.
  • Bottling place: Balla Geza.
  • Winemaker: Balla Geza.
  • Bottling date: written on the label.


  • Importer: Daniel's Wine Shop. 
  • International transport: by sea. 
  • Import route: Balla Geza ⇨ Daniel's Wine Shop. Intermediaries: 0. 


  • Place: Daniel's Wine Shop. 
  • Storage temperature: 16° - 18°C, constant all year long.